Google’s New Search Console Insights for Website Owners

Google's new update Search console insights June 2021 Ahmad Affan SEO

We all love Google Search console. In fact this is a tool in top 10 of every Digital marketer‘s bookmark library. Search console has improved overtime. Many features retired, while others sit it “legacy tools and reports”. Besides retiring old console features, Google introduces new features from time to time. This week it was the all new “Search console Insights” after almost a year of rigorous beta testing. Let’s know more about this new feature, how to use it, and how will it change the SERP competition. In a nutshell, “Search console Insights” is a long awaited feature from Google that will actually help many Publishers and content creators make better sense of the Search console data.

So, what actually is Search console Insights?

Search Console Insights is a new experience tailored for content creators and publishers and can help them understand how audiences discover their site’s content and what resonates with their audiences. This new experience is powered by data from both Google Search Console and Google Analytics.


In my Opinion, Search console insights is actually a slightly formal and intelligent representation of the already present data in GSC. Along with the data present in Search console, new GSC Insights also gets some useful information from Google analytics, and then combines this information into a more user friendly view. Or in other words, Search console insights is a newbie friendly representation of GSC data with focus on important metrics and performance insights.

Search Console insights beta
Google Search Console Insights

Previously, this advanced view was only available in Google analytics. Remember, when your SEO guy asked to associate GSC and GA properties? well, that is why. Good news is that, now its accessible to site owners and content creators besides Search marketing professionals. Google is improving search experience as well as making the Search analytics tools more user friendly, with every passing day.

GSC Google search console insights new feature

Benefits of Search Console Insights

Here’s how creators and publishers can make the most out of the new Google’s feature

  • Know about your top performing content of all times.
  • Know about your recent content performance with insights.
  • What content or Queries are getting the most traffic for your content.
  • What are the exact Queried for your content, that best satisfy the searcher’s intent.
  • Learn about what type of content is trending for your website. So that you could focus more on the best performing.
  • Based upon the above data, make changes to your Digital strategy and get even better results.

Here’s a snapshot of Search console insights of one of the websites that we manage. It’s a .pk tld. And third one is a snapshot for a new website for a client.

How to access Google search console insights feature?

If you want to access the new feature rolled out by Google, you can do that by simply clicking on “Search console insights“, in the GSC dashboard, seen in the highlighted bar in the screenshot.

how to access google search console insights dashboard

Got a suggestion to improve Google Search Insights ?

If there is something more that you would like to see in Google search console insights, you can do that by directly giving your feedback inside GSC insights dashboard by clicking on “Share feedback”, at the top and bottom of the page. According to Google, they are trying to help site owners understand their site performance better, hence, they would welcome positive and constructive criticism on Google’s new feature.

Contact google to submit feedback and improvement suggestions on search insights

image courtesy : GSC insights

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